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Designed by the internationally renowned architect Michele de Lucchi, “IL CENTRO” has been inspired by the ancient Lombard courts and the wonderful Villa Valera with its hamlet. The architectonical concept is characterized by a system of squares, special gathering places each one with a unique identity. In this environment you can find more than 200 shops, 35 restaurants,  a diagnostic center, a sport center and few play areas for kids. The whole building has been designed and built following strict standards of energy saving and sustainability, in particular the roof made by Glulam: a sustainable layered wood used for the first time in a shopping center.

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IL CENTRO is a unique structure in terms of dimensions, framework and contents. It stands out for the size of the rooms and it is characterized by an extraordinary brightness of the spaces, thanks to which walking among the stores recalls a stroll on the sidewalks of a historical center. The whole complex has been projected according to strict standards of  energy saving sustainability, in line with the standards promoted by U.S. green Building Council in order to obtain the Gold Level certification by LEED® .

LEED, acronym of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an independent evaluation System, based on an internationally acknowledged model and represent the inspirational landmark for those who work on buildings design, construction, purchase and investment.
Considering the dimensions and value  of the project of IL CENTRO, together with the environmental impact, the construction has followed the LEED method and has been evaluated in these 7 areas, achieving the GOLD level:

Sustainable site
Efficient management of water resources
Energy efficiency
Choice of construction materials and resources
Quality of internal space
Innovation of the design phase
Compliance with the local regulations and agreements








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2nd January 2016 – EPSE AWARDS 2016


IL CENTRO WINS THE EPSE AWARDS 2016. The project of IL CENTRO in Arese wins the First Prize in the category “SUSTAINABILITY”.


The ability of architects such as Michele De Lucchi and Design International studio, together with the know-how of the designers of the Studio Gallina in Turin (leader in the market about the production of polycarbonate sheets and systems) and the quality of the materials employed, made it possible to IL CENTRO to classify at the first place and win the international acknowledge prize.
The architectonical project of IL CENTRO in Arese has dominated the category SUSTAINABILITY with its 17.000m2 of modular polycarbonate multiwall panels that allow to block the rise of temperature inside the building and to reduce the costs of heating and cooling of the rooms during the year.
The whole commercial gallery has a translucent coverage of modular Polycarbonate multiwall panel produced with a maximum size of 31 meters, thay allow to make the best use of the natural daylight and grant the full water sealing of the whole coverage system.
The EPSE AWARDS, already at their eighth edition, are coordinated by the European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders and award the world best architectural projects that use the Polycarbonate panels, an extremely resistant, flexible, light and transparent material.



18th November 2016 – MAPIC AWARD 2016

IL CENTRO wins the #1 internationally acknowledge prize in the category BEST NEW SHOPPING CENTRE.
The prestigious award has been assigned to IL CENTRO for “the innovative design, the iconic architecture, the technological solutions and the sustainable materials used”.
The eminent International Jury of MAPIC 21st edition has assigned the prestigious award to an Italian entity for the first time.

The MAPIC Awards reward excellence, innovation and creativity of the retail real estate business, recognizing the best stores and real estate projects all over the world.



17th May 2017 – PRIX VERSAILLES 2017

IL CENTRO, winner of this important international prize in the category Shopping Malls-Europe within the Interiors section at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.
The quality of the interior and exterior architecture, the ability to apply as an inspirational model and the will to adopt a sustainable approach, are the main evaluation parameters that the prestigious jury took into consideration to assign the award.
The Prix Versailles is one of the most important award dedicated to commercial architecture with the aim of promoting dialogue between economics and culture, recognizing the immense contribution of commercial architecture to society.



15th May 2018 – First Prize at CONFIMPRESE AWARDS

IL CENTRO has won the First Prize at CONFIMPRESE AWARDS 2018 for REAL ESTATE category for its strategic vision focused on innovation aimed to customers, carried out with initiative, creativity and effort. The award has been bestowed thanks to the votes of companies and professionals associated to the Italian retail sector of Confimprese.


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