Business event on track


The engine of the event


Rooms and spaces to host meeting, events and activities about automotive, but not only!

In the facilities, thanks to the design of the spaces made of modular panels, small meeting rooms of 4-20 attendees can be transformed to bigger ones from 50 to 500 sqm each or in a unique huge hall of 1,000 sqm, creating the perfect location for technical or business trainings. The wide rooms perfectly fit for the launch of new cars, motorbikes or whatever else.

Previous experiences, gave us the confidence to believe that the satisfaction levels will be high, because the building offers a unique environment to feel the spirit of the world of motors. Elevators on both side of the buildings let you to place the cars in the rooms and on the terraces, so you have a 360 degree view of the model shown. There is also a mechanical workshop for the technical training. The circuit and the areas of safe driving allow you to join the theories to practical tests, in a unique safe and rich of emotion experience.


Refined and comfortable environments and wide spaces are the perfect location for unforgettable events and gala evenings or for planning activities, debuts, exhibitions about the world of motors.

The two buildings characterising the whole construction, are the perfect frame to host automotive events. Cars and motorbikes industries can choose this location to launch the new models for car dealers, authorised personnel or all the customers.
The rooms are big enough to let visitors have a close look of the vehicles in a static way and enjoy the potentialities, in a dynamic way, on the circuit and the safe driving areas.
The facilities, however, are available for every company or organization that wants to plan meeting and training courses with packages of safe driving, incentive and team building activities.

The fine architecture of the construction will follow the emotions felt on the circuit. The harmony, the refined details, the light and the size of the spaces become a great opportunity also for entertaining events, not necessary linked to the world of motors. The evocative environments, the spectacular Piazza Eventi and the two panoramic and covered terraces will allow you to feel in the middle of a special story and to become the main character of a past legend reborn under the sign of a modern design. A gala dinner, surrounded by so fascinating facilities, will acquire a brand new flavour, and an elite event will be distinguished by the deep authentic emotion, which only the world of motors can give.